Latigo Coffee is a subscription-based coffee delivery service of the finest quality beans. They understand the challenge of discovering memorable coffees – far too often, it results in a totally random “shot in the dark” at your local Cafe de Snobbery for something you could easily not be stoked on. And as for those highfalutin tasting notes? Come on…

Theye focus first and foremost on quality. Are they proud of the coffees being shipped this month? Would they want to share this particular bag with our friends? Is there something new and unique in this cup of coffee that’s different from the last? If the answer to any of these questions is “no,” then they start over. Life is too short to drink mediocre coffee.

Story of Latigo coffee

Once upon a time in the year twenty twelve, a young American quit his perfectly decent desk job at a technology start-up to try something different. He was sick of staring at computers and answering phone calls all day. He started taking extended “lunch breaks” to go explore the various coffee shops around Los Angeles. He didn’t know exactly why, but he couldn’t escape the gravitational pull of beanjuice.

And then one day he met some coffee farmers in Santa Barbara. Those coffee farmers introduced him to some other coffee farmers in Hawaii, and those coffee farmers offered him a chance to come live on the Big Island to work (and learn) at their farm. So he broke the chains of his desk jockey life and ventured out into an uncertain jungle of coffee knowledge.

Now, these coffee farmers happen to be sorta famous now and they also happen to produce some of the highest-reviewed coffees by certain renowned online coffee publications. Which is just lovely – because they work their asses off and certainly deserve the success.

Flash forward five years: after several years of traveling the world in search of the finest coffee experiences, our fearless protagonist had a flash of genius during a fateful bicycle tour of the California coast. The idea was to create a weird little coffee roasting company that celebrates our collective love for this big beautiful planet – while making it easier for coffee drinkers everywhere to discover new stuff in the cup. Say hello to Latigo.

Latigo coffee has uncover a world of memorable coffees from around the globe.
At Latigo, team of coffee pros source + roast ship a unique single-origin coffee every two weeks.
They also have recurring functionality of delivery service – weekly, quaterly, monthly and yearly.
You can reffer your friends and earn discounts depending on the points which you have earn.
Earn points on Birthday, Anniversary or any other special occasion.
They have develop their own radio, you can listen while drinking coffee because music is pretty intergal to our daily routine, especially when it comes to adventures + coffee.