MITU is a combination of “Mimesis” in Greek mythology and “Tu” in Spanish.
Mimesis, “Nature and the reflection of man”
and “Tu” means “You and You” in Spanish.
Mitu represents the natural beauty of the woman, her pure self, the subtleties of her soul and the nobility of simplicity.

We are able to produce our designs and bring them directly to you.
It’s our only secret.
We have a very basic design decision. Your natural beauty, the subtleties of your soul, Whatever is special for you. That’s why our designs underline your beauty, not ahead.

That’s why we make luxury the standard of your everyday life.
You don’t have to choose between high quality and reasonable price.

They’re both right.
Every jeweller in Turkey priorities while keeping the brand awareness and profit forefront
Sinem Masters, luxury has the mission to make the everyday standard of the women
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