Morse Toad

Morse Toad source the smoothest, most exceptional Belgian chocolate, they can to ensure that when you eat your words, you savour every letter down to the last full stop. Rather than take our word for it,

Their suppliers source their chocolate ethically and process their cocoa with great care and expertise. Their chocolate is traceable right to the source in Sierra Leone. The result is a luxury Belgian milk chocolate that is smooth, silky and simply delicious.

We have created an animated website of delicious chocolates.
The company is located in the UNITED KINGDOM.
They not only sale chocolates but they give many services like gift ideas.

There are functions on the website in which you can customize chocolates in many different ways with a box covers.

  • Write your chocolate message.
  • Upload a photo.
  • Add a message to the back.
  • Then enter their address and send it on its way.

You can also make your own card made from irresistible belgian chocolates.